I am Ashma Gautam, Student of Bachelors of Media Studies, Kathmandu University.

It’s weird to write about oneself sometimes. Sometimes? In my case, Every time! I’ve no idea from where shall I start. I’m thinking “What shall I write?”

Like every normal human being, I have my day and night; my good aspects and my bad.

I’m interested in photography, I write sometimes, and I used to read a lot (I don’t read quite that much these days). I’ve taken part in some social causes as a volunteer (sometimes).

I dream, I dream a lot. May be it is not something different than others’. But yes, I dream. I don’t say that I want to fly, up above in the sky, it seems so high, yet, I want to give a try! I’ve got no wings to just kick off the ground and start the flight because I belong here, on the ground, in the real word and I feel good to say that I’m searching my purpose right here, on this ground and I believe one day I will find it!

  1. thumbs up for the bio (Y)

  2. I used the same theme previously. Synchronicity _/\_

  3. Aryan says:

    कति राम्रो संग लेखेको हो के …

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