The Water of Ayole

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Assignments


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The Water of Ayole is a film by Sandra Nicholas and was released in 1998. The film talks about the social, economical and physical conditions of Togo, West Africa, which represents the condition of the third world countries. Water, being an essential chemical in our body, water isn’t easily available in many places. If it is available, unfortunately, isn’t drinkable. Sadly, people have to consume such water in order to sustain their life. But, is the water really helping to keep them alive? The answer is No.

The documentary talks about the women in Togo who woke up early in the morning to fetch the water from the distant Amou River. Hours of walk to the water resource consumed most of their time and availability of contaminated water is equally causing negative effects to their health. It is said that thousands of children died in the world every hour because of the contaminated water. The main problem is Guinea worm whose larvae if is entered into the body, it comes to the surface and makes things even more painful. The Government stepped in with a project for drilling the pumps to fetch underground water to help this tribe. Thousands of dollars were spent in drilling one pump and the “precious” water was made easily available. But, the pump got minor problems and broke down. The project showed no sign of maintenance and local support. The local people had no idea about their responsibility towards the pump, no money and also they didn’t have any idea about fixing the pump.

Later, US government came with a new pump. The locals were involved in this new project by giving training about the pump and it’s repairmen to the person who had knowledge about the mechanics. A committee for the water pump was established and women involvement was marked as important as women were the one to collect water for their family. Because of this project, the women were uplifted, disease lowered in the tribe, and the economy of the tribe rose. The nearby market was made available with the necessary equipments of the pump. People started growing crops to raise the fund for the maintenance of the pump. The villagers were blessed with safe drinking water due to their involvement in the project.

Foreign aid alone is not the solution for upliftment of any community, people themselves are responsible. he participation of people and their coordination with the government is essential.The documentary makes us clear that technology alone is not the solution to any problem. While watching this documentary, the team work of the villagers for the sake of their community left me amazed and glad. It helped me realize that being involved is better than being dependent as involvement leads to the solution of any problem.


This documentary can be viewed on
following 2 more parts.


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