Introduction to media studies

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Assignments

What is mass media for? Argue with examples that mass media should have balance between service and business.

Mass media is for providing information to large group of audience nationally or internationally. Advertisements or promotional campaigns through various forms of mass media like pamphlets, hoarding boards, posters, wall paintings, radios, televisions, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, films etc are in common practice. The information is provided to the audience though Print media or broadcast media to keep them updated about the current happenings. Mass media are mainly used to provide information, education and are also used for persuasion, for entertainment, advertising, socialization and journalism. They can also be used to store information and can act as bridge between the public and concerned authority.

Mass media is a service oriented business. To be precise, mass media is used to serve society. On the other hand, it is also used as a business. It is said that media took birth to be the voice of voiceless society, to serve people and the concept of business developed much later. Mass media has tried to keep the balance between service and business as its survival without both is challenging. It serves the society by providing true news and updates related to each and every issue of the society and tries not be biased whereas it gets economic support via various advertisements, direct audience revenues, government support etc. Media has been growing as a business as it has a team of various professionals, who must be economically supported. It sells news, earns profit and thus, can invest further to continue the collection information.

For example: Newspapers are sold in lower price in comparison to its manufactured price i.e. the publication sells every piece of paper in cheaper price (with loss) and serves the society. To overcome this loss, it takes various advertisements from government and private sectors and gains profit. The rate of advertisement depends upon the space it covers as varies from newspaper to newspaper (its circulation and readership).

Mass media tries to balance between service and business but sometimes, one side seems dominant. But, the fact of balance between these two sides cannot be overlooked. Service is its main function whereas business is essential for its survival and sustainability.


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