Introduction to Media Studies Assignment

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Assignments
  1. Read 7 issues of a newspaper and find out how much coverage is given to Music industry of Nepal. Prepare a brief report based on your study.

I followed seven issues of The Kathmandu Post (from 1rst January 2014 to 7th January 2014) to analyze the relation between daily newspapers and Music Industry of Nepal. Below are my findings and analysis on the topic.

The Kathmandu Post has a daily section for the daily show on Kantipur Television and Kantipur F.M. where various programs like Bhaktisur, Non-stop Nepali Adhunik/Pop songs etc related to Nepalese music are broadcast. The issue of 2nd January 2014, the ‘Et Cetera’ page of the paper covered about a folk band Full Circle on the topic ‘Made in Nepal’ and DJ music was covered on the topic ‘Electric Beats’. The issue of 5th January 2014 covered the event Sarod Sandhya with a photo and caption on the title ‘Magic of Strings’. I could see the coverage of Artist like Amrit Gurung, Bhim Niroula, Sabin Rai and Naren Limbu in the weekly supplement, Movers and Shakers (M & S).

Music is a form of Mass Media and one of the important support system of Mass media. Mass media and music industry are interrelated i.e. they work on mutual benefit. But, the interrelation between newspaper and Nepali music industry still is not satisfying. I can say this because among the seven issues I followed, I could find no coverage or advertisement on Nepali Music on the issues of 1st Jan, 3rd Jan, 4th Jan, 6th Jan and 7th Jan. Thinking that Movies and Music are closely related to each other, I read the news article titled published on 7th Jan 2014 ‘Valentine Release for Megha’, which didn’t higlight Music Industry.This is Sad, isn’t it?

In my view, Nepali Music Industry has not got enough space in newspapers in comparison to the other modes of entertainment like Sports or movies. To increase more readers, Nepali music i.e. our identity should not be overlooked and constantly followed.


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