Seminar on Future of Photography

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Assignments

Seminar Skills (MEDS 110) is a 1 credit course for Bachelors of Media Studies, offered by Kathmandu University. This course familiarizes the students with the use of social media as well as helps to encourage the group work along with the development presentation skills. Via this course, we, the students of Bachelors of Media Studies 1rst year got an opportunity to organize a Seminar on “Future of Photography” and interact with the guests on 5th Jan 2014. The guests for the Seminar were Bikas Rauniyar, Sarad Rai, Shailendra Kharel, Gautam Dhimal and Shail Shrestha.

Photography: A form of Art

Photography, being a topic of my interest, I chose to see it as an Art. According to the Google, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Photography, as I see, is a form of Art. Art needs vision and ideas, it should be expressed and the expression should tell some story. It needs dedication, tools to express the vision with the help of Science. Photography is all about playing with lights with the use of photo-sensitive materials where you can paint your imagination today, with the help of camera with a button. It’s all about what you visualize before pressing the shutter button and how you add values to it with the help of technology. It’s about idea first and then there exists the importance of Technology.

For example: To build a simple dust-pan via Sheet Metal, you need to unfold the idea of the design, make designs, different parts and then join the pieces. You have to beat the sheet metal to a thin and even layer and make sure the edges are not sharp. You have to do the finishing of the product by removing all the possible places of injuries and make it smooth and easy to use. So, the question may arise, how can this be related with Photography? Answer is, Photography is similar with building a dust-pan. The output seems simple and ‘easy task’ as almost every person today is in access with “camera”, but the procedure on creating it, needs dedication and honesty. Snap Shots are easy but creating picture, capturing the moments at the right time, playing with lights and mainly, expressing your vision through photography is not an easy task. I read these lines somewhere ‘Photography is said to be most disrespected form of art because anyone can click photos.’

And I agree that not everyone can create or put their vision into it.

Queries addressed on the Seminar

#Copyright issues in Photography: The Photographs of Nepali Photographers are being misused and are being published in various  websites, magazines or newspapers without giving any credit. The popular newspapers are also ahead in misusing the photographs. Also, the photographers are not being paid for re-using their photographs. All the problem related to the photographs are being addressed on a common floor “Pay Nepali Photographers for their Picture”.

#Ethical issues in Photography: How will the people we photograph gets benefited? or Don’t we have the feeling of debt towards those lives we capture in our camera and sustain our life? The answer was about ethics. Legally, there is no provision of paying the one you photograph but ethically, you can help to change their life. There is a provision of making the people fill the consignment form in Nepal too and it’s all about being honest about the work we do.


Photography was always the matter of my interest but I had no idea about how the things worked. This seminar helped me learn about the group work first, different aspects of photography and then Photography and it’s career in Nepal, also copyright issues regarding the photographs as well as ethical issues. This seminar helped me realize that honesty and dedication is the main key to pursue any career.

Glimpses of the Seminar can be seen on :


P.S I would like to thank our tutor Mr. Shekhar K.C for providing us this opportunity.


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