To the Dearest!

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Writings

To The dearest,

Forget about your world of reality. Hold my hand and travel into my world. Fly in the romance of the sky and taste the enigmatic ocean of wonders with me. You and I, let’s tear these skin apart and spread those wings of ours and be birds. Those birds that we are meant to be. Let’s fly high, higher than this ground; forget that those stars are the sphere of plasma and gas. It might be cliche but lets do it!

What happens if we die one day and we have to become one of those stars? I don’t want to be the dim one who is struggling to prove its existence, you know. I would be the bright one, so near, so dear, so bright and so visible. I want to be that bright star which lightens up the sky, be it few light-years around it’s sphere. Hey, at least it’s trying to minimize the absence of light. No, I don’t want to be the moon that hides this wonderland through its extreme intensity and hides in shame, time and again. I want to shine with those millions of little buddies and fill the light in this dark night, I want to be one of them.

Let’s wish on the shooting stars, fly on asteroids and roam around the place out of this earth. Let’s go somewhere far from this gravity. Let’s fall freely from somewhere and experience the weightlessness, emptiness – my state of Nirvana. Let’s feel the free fall where and enjoy the absence of weight we get as a gift from this world. Let’s live beyond reality, somewhere in the land of our wonder.

Are you ready for this Journey?



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