A beginning

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Assignments, Writings

I did not believe in Shooting stars until I saw them. 7 shooting stars in a row in the same night, a night of pure darkness where stars were so clearly visible, that was the first night I fell in love with the sky once again, that pure sky with glittering diamonds smiling from millions of light years away. An ecstatic moment! uplThough Rolpa was our main destination, 7 days trip from Kathmandu University was not just confined to Rolpa. That was the first night in Arghakhanchi, right before the starting of Dang. The Lodge was situated near Rapti River. I had never had a chance to enjoy the cool breeze in freezing night looking up to the sky and thinking “What an Enigma!” I could feel the river, I could flow in it.

After (almost) 4 hour ride, we reached Tundikhel, Liwang the next day. Liwang Bazar, situated on a lap of Hills, was a magical scene for me. I don’t know how many districts we touched, how many kilometers we travelled because length of road or places was never my concern; the destination was, the bus ride was and the places we stopped attracted me, sometimes.

Rolpa is a district equally affected by a decade year civil war and we were there standing on the land. Honestly, I felt like I was in some places of Kathmandu when I stepped out of the bus. The only difference is you get lost into the tall houses in Kathmandu whereas in Liwang, you get lost in the surrounding with hills. We waited empty stomach for the hotel to be confirmed. It was 3pm, we still hadn’t had our lunch. Finally, the hotel situated 15 minutes away from the Tundikhel was confirmed as our place to stay. The group was divided. Some stayed in the hotel in Tundikhel and we, we started walking towards our destination.IMG_5994

We had three nights to stay in Liwang. Destination Thawang was cancelled because of the weather condition. We were confined to Liwang Bazar to work on out assignments. A discussion with local journalists was the work to do in the first day. But, away from Kathmandu, listening to few people giving speech in a room wasn’t something I would do. Then, we were asked “We are going to roam around nearby village. Are you going to join us?” My friend Sikuma and I agreed. Thanks to Jeewan brother for letting us in!

Rolpa felt like Rolpa when we began to walk through the gravel road. Me, Sikuma, Jeevan Dai, Milan and Deepan were on the ‘roaming’ team. I can never forget the ‘Level 1’ adventure we had on climbing down the seasonal stream on a rainy day. I was just praying that I won’t damage my camera or my tripod. Thankfully, it was safe! We kept on walking for 1½ hr, passing by the traditional houses, down the hill, towards the Jholunge pul, up the hill and reached Rumtawang, a small village lying on the hills of Liwang Bazar, away from those available facilities. As it was a day time, we could hardly find anybody in their home. Just a home without people with DTH antenna was all we could find. This day was different for me because I had never walked for this long, up the hill and I was breathing fine. It was my second Jholunge pul I ever walked through. And the best part is, it wasn’t necessary for me to use my inhaler to breather properly that day. In every step I took, I felt free, free as a bird. A realization began to develop; I am made for places like this! I framed the view of Liwang Bazar from the hill. Walking through the road, meeting Gita didi, Bista dai and other known as unknown faces with curious looks, and those million dollar smile and expression were the best thing that have ever happened to my life. Some of them carrying woods, some of them with “Syaula”, some of them were just walking towards their destination. All of them were curious to see new faces shooting pictures around. Was it the civil War effect? Yes. Expressing those moments through words is almost impossible. We can just try and that’s what I am doing.

IMG_6274The 2 hours walk to Bageshwori School next day made me think. I looked around the village. It was close to nature, it was beautiful, it had small markets, it had varieties of houses, it had school, what did it lack? Just the attention of Kathmandu! It was a primary school, on the top of the hill. Why on the top? What did the ‘top’ have? Nothing but the school. The main objective of visiting that school was our class and Unnat as a representative from Jaga Yuwa club, had decided to distribute some notebooks and chocolate to the needy students.

Next day, we climbed 3 hours and an hour ride in truck; up above the hill to reach Swargadwari was quite an adventure. A swargaday in Lumbini, we had another adventure of crossing the Nepal-India boarder and reaching India after an hour of cycle ride.

I didn’t feel necessary to note down the events of each and every day in and after the trip. 6 nights (7 days) tour from the Department was the whole new level of new experience for me. I walked like I had never walked before, I travelled in bus for hours and hours for the first time, I experienced the joy of photo-walk, meeting new people (though shy to start new conversation). All I brought back was a new experience, a new adventure, a realization, a belief in oneself and an importance of travelling. This tour gave me most important gift of my life: An open door. I can peek through that door to the number of possibilities and grab what’s best for me. It was a short tour, but a beginning. For me, it was just a beginning.


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