The butterfly inspiration

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Writings

Nature can be a great inspiration. Let me share something. I saw a white butterfly out of my window yesterday. I was in my messy room sitting in a chair, hitting my keyboard continuously to ‘chatter’ with people in the virtual world and mainly, forgetting that there existed the real world. But I must admit, this virtual world has given me a huge platform to sharpen my ability. Truly, it has my admirers, advisers, readers and everyone else.

It was 5:00 pm and I suddenly noticed that butterfly. She was really trying to enter inside. I wanted to help her. She found the way through the worn out window net. But where there is a will there is a way and she proved it. I smiled. That was the first smile of the day. Actually it was the moment my heart had smiled. Victory!

I raised my palm, she rested gently. I could clearly see the glow of her beauty.” Oh! how beautiful she is, how gentle is her touch. A touch of love, of care.” I smiled more.

You don’t need huge reasons to be happy. Like I say to people, “Smile, be happy and the world is yours”, but never followed. I did not notice the popping messages in my chat box. I could, see only that butterfly, resting on my palm. I suddenly exhaled. She flew.” Oh no!” I regretted. But she flew, around my room, like she was observing each and every corner, telling me, “Manage your belongings”. I got up and cleaned everything.

“Is this my room?” I happened to question myself because I had never seen my room so clean. It was always messy.

“What made me clean my room? Just a butterfly? This is not ordinary,” I thought.

She began to glitter my room. “Am I dreaming?” I pinched myself and concluded that it was reality. Unfortunately I tripped on a book and fell down.

I was asleep. My facebook account had numerous messages. I looked at my room. Ah! Books thrown everywhere, newspapers, DVDs all scattered. I kept everything in their respective places. Really, a photocopy of my dream. Just that butterfly was missing.

“What?” I screamed, with surprise. The same butterfly flew around. “Impossible.” I wasn’t getting what actually was going on here but I was smiling.

She headed towards the garden. I followed. “I had a garden?” I could not remember. But the flowers were dead. I had no time to manage it and I had never sat in the grass. If I had, they wouldn’t be dead. She touched them, flowers bloomed. It was beautiful! I could see more butterflies on the flowers. I hadn’t seen such a scene before. “A guava tree?” I shouted. When did I plant a guava tree in my garden?

Finally, I climbed upstairs, towards the terrace. I was still following her.

“Amazing,” there lay a valley, houses with same the garden as I had. There were children playing, smiling and laughing.

“Kathmandu?” No, it wasn’t. Kathmandu is crowded with houses, which reflects vulgarity of concrete. And this place, totally different. “I’m in heaven! May be I died last night,” I thought.

Suddenly, I could feel a shock. I looked around — I looked at the scene of my unplanned crowded Kathmandu.

“What’s that I saw just now?” I questioned with a great surprise. I was sure I had seen it and that wasn’t dream anymore because I was standing on my terrace looking at my Kathmandu.

“Where’s that butterfly who brought me here?” No answer.

I returned into my room but just couldn’t find that butterfly.

“Was this inception effect?”I thought.

I could feel the nature, how beautiful my valley could be and I had realized that to manage my locality I had to manage my room first.

But was that incident a dream or a reality? I’m still confused.


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