A drop of emotion!

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Random Writings

No human is perfect. No human can be so perfect to get other one dazzled by their mesmerizing features. Love makes it happen. Love and compassion towards that person makes the vision so clear that, we ought to see through the soul, the beautiful, perfect soul that holds us together, mends the cracks and gaps in our soul and makes us complete. Complete like a full moon, we do have scars but it’s negligible in its wholeness.

Love you see is a painkiller to the every ounce of pain you have ever gone through. It is the disinfectant that kills every germ inside you and makes you pure. Pure as water- clear. It fills the hunger rising inside you, the hunger of being noticed and searched by those eyes, the hunger of belonging to those arms so secure and the hunger of being complete. Love is the answer to every unanswered question, those millions going in your head. Do you know what makes you YOU? Love inside you.

Want to deny? You are free to.


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