A mail that’ll never be sent

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Random Writings, Uncategorized, Writings

Loved ones are never far, they say. Though they are distant, we always feel their presence. World has turned into a global village no doubt. But you can’t hug a person you see in the live-chat, can you? You can’t wipe their tears out from the screen and you can’t pull their cheeks just to make them smile either.

Though you are near with techs, I will tell you I miss you, but the associated feelings with it, I’m gonna hide. I will dream about you often, I will keep on searching you on the roads you’ve always been driving, I will search you in the mischief we do, those you cannot participate for a while and I will miss you terribly. But, I won’t tell you everything because I know how hard your life is there. I know how much you must be missing everything back here. I won’t be burdening you with what I feel deep inside but I will let you know that you are being remembered time and often.

In a year or a two, you’re gonna make us more proud. You are going to build your path yourself. That time, I am going to be among the delighted face among the crowd and that time, we will live all the moments together. I will not tell, but, you will know. You will know that though circumstances has changed, we can still be kids together, fight with each other and do craziest thing together.

When you will be back, I will be sleeping on your chest in the evenings like I always do and will be telling about how lucky I am to have you back. Remember the last time your were here and I fell asleep in your arms? Though you’re elder, you were sleeping like a baby and that was the best thing to remember.

I miss a friend and a mentor from my life. As you have to be busy and won’t be able to reply whenever I message you, I realize I miss you too much and I happen to remember the moment when I actually realized you were leaving for 3 long years and was trying hard to fight back my tears.

Please be Fine.
Lots and lots of Love!


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