To the one I won’t ever know!

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Poems, Random Writings

When I read the name similar to yours that belongs to somebody else, I stop for few seconds and drift my eyes away,

When I stumble across the moments we had unknowingly spent together, I force myself to push the memories away,

When you appear in my dreams unannounced, we sow a conflicted relationship, together,

And the troubles I go through after I open my eyes, you are not there and with no human can I share,

I have made myself believe that your existence for me is nothing but a reason for the rage,

Swear I would give anything to keep you around, only and only if I had courage,

But, pain is not something I would like to choose for myself at least for this time,

and knowing about the distance that we cannot overcome and the truth we don’t chime,

Yes I’m enchanted by your existence! But I have to wish you Farewell, My Dear!


And make sure our paths never cross again, as it doesn’t strengthen me anymore.

Effortless? Easy?

I’ve been crushing myself into possible finest dust with the ticking time

And all and all I can do is scribble the unreachable rhyme!

  1. Vicky says:

    Liked it…. 🙂

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