Posted: February 15, 2016 in Poems
I thought-
the empty space you left behind was finally filled with emptiness
But the rising agony inside me is overtaking the hollowness.
Hollowness is what kept me alive..
I wonder if pain is as beautiful as the shooting star
I wonder if someone notices and wishes for the star to land safely somewhere..
You were my earth
And I’m falling towards you
I know I cannot land into you anymore.
I’m falling inside eternal universe
searching for the new earth,
I am falling, burning and still falling
Hoping to land somewhere
Hoping to hit another planet,
How can I hit any other planet when you and only you can give me my life?
Like a hydrogen balloon freed in the atmosphere
aimless, I fly,
All I do
is fly.
And one day, I fall
and keep on falling in the surface-less eternity.
I just keep on falling
and falling

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