Frames Of War- A reflection-1

Posted: June 9, 2017 in Assignments, Writings

Written as an assignment for Journalism-

While Reading the Photographs…

Ujaadiyeka kaakh haru

Bhaanchiyeka sahara haru

Pakhaliyeka siundoharu

Rokiyeka saas haru

Khosiyeko baalapan

Aba Kahile farkine chhainan…!


When I walked around the corridor of the RatoBangala School staring at numbers of lives portrayed in the pictures, I could feel myself repeating those words within my head. With each step taken, I got carried away with the real life story of ordinary people just like you and me. But their story was different. The difference was they had seen the war, they had felt the war and they are living with the consequences of the war. Among the numerous life-stories, the photograph of a ten year old Nutan Thapa with teardrops down her cheeks grabbed my attention. What’s her story?


Nutan Thapa is a daughter of the Dailekh journalist Dekendra Raj Thapa who was murdered by Maoists combatants in 2004. Only on 2014, the five of the accused were convicted by the court. “Today, six years later, Nutan is determined to be a journalist and follow the footsteps of her father”, reads the story. But, her mother Laxmi Thapa is not happy with her determination. The thing that struck me the most is the courage shown by a girl who lost her father in such a young age. I was astonished by the transformation of a little girl with tears to a mature girl with a resolution. Where did this strength come from?

Every human goes through the agony of one kind or the other. Some people suffer the most in comparison to the other but no pain is insignificant. Some people hold on to their grief for the rest of their life weakening their soul whereas some people have the ability to convert their pain into their greatest strength and for me, Nutan was that example. She is not running away. Rather, she is preparing herself for her future. And such are the stories that provide Hope.


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