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Posted: June 11, 2017 in Photographs, Random Writings, Writings


I looked out the window. A thick, sullied cotton-candy- like cloud was dragging itself. So heavy! I could sense the sketch of your lips somewhere in those clouds.
I felt a tap on the window pane. One-two-three-4-5-6789…The droplets gazed for a moment and then slipped away. I could vibe the presence of your eyes somewhere in the drop.

Unhurriedly, I moved towards the balcony. So lonely! As soon as I opened the door, my soul filled with the petrichor. I closed my eyes and let my heart flutter in the memory lane. There you were, calm. Your gaze, tender. You, Juvenile- exactly how I saw you for the last time, 20 years ago..


(As seen is Jhamsikhel)


In a dark, moist room

below the earth I stood on

image of decades and centuries kept on illuminating.


As I went deeper,

I felt the serenity of sound

in the silky smooth splashes

that carved stories on the path it flowed.


In a place with thin air

I breathed,

I lived Like never before.


At last,

I left my heart down there

and returned into the dazzling light,

breathed air that burned my soul,

just to find another place

worth living for..!


-Ashma Gautam




Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave (By: Ashma Gautam)


Rose Series #2

Posted: April 19, 2016 in Photographs

Rose Series #1

Posted: April 10, 2016 in Photographs

Rose Series!

Through The Lenses



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Shivaratri-Around Pashupatinath

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Through The Lenses


A pair of Eyes from Photo Kathmandu Photo Exhibition 2015!

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Moment….! (With Mobile)

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Through The Lenses


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Through The Lenses

तिम्रो बिम्ब,तिमी! रङ्गीन होस् या श्यामश्वेत, तिम्रो पहिचान, तिम्रो सौन्दर्य! तिम्रो बिम्ब!
तिम्रो प्रेम!
रङ्गीन होस् या श्यामश्वेत,
तिम्रो सौन्दर्य!

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Posted: April 7, 2015 in Photographs


Through The Lenses

Slowly, Slowly, Light shall replace the dark, Slowly, Slowly, It shall reveal your true form...! Slowly, Slowly, Light shall replace the dark,
Slowly, Slowly, It shall reveal your true form…!

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