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अन्तिम नमन

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Poems

लामो, अनिँदो, निसास्सिने रात पछि ब्यूँझदा,
तिमीलाई खोज्ने आँखा
भत्भति पोल्न थाल्छन्।

एक अञ्जुली चिसो सपना छ्याप्दै
सम्हाल्ने कोसिस गर्छु आफूलाई,
बुझाउने प्रयत्न पनि,
ऋतुसँगै बहने पवन हौ तिमी!
प्रेमको बाँधले कहाँ रोक्न सक्थ्यो र?
तिमी यात्री हौ!
अनि तिम्रो घर?
अनन्त यात्रा।
तिमी सूर्य,
अस्ताउनु तिम्रो कर्म हो।
म त केही क्षणको सहयात्री थिएँ,
तिम्रो न्यानोपनलाई राप सम्झी
जल्न तयार,
तिम्रो प्रेमको अग्निमा आफूलाई
आहुति दिन तयार।

यो फूल तिमीलाई- प्रेमको प्रतीक।
यो फूल तिमीलाई- सम्झनाको उपहार।
यो फूल तिमीलाई- मेरो अन्तिम नमन।photo-2

तस्बिर/शब्द: आश्मा गौतम



Posted: April 4, 2017 in Poems

पानीको कुनै आकार हुँदैन
उसको निश्चित बास हुँदैन
जीवनभर बग्ने उसको कर्म
रम्दै दौडिने धर्ती छोडी,
कहाँ पुग्छ कहाँ|

“उसको गन्तव्य सागर हो”
तर बाफ भै
सगरमा पनि त पुगेकै छ|
“ऊ जम्दा उसको आकार देखेनौ र?”
आगोले छुँदा पग्लिएकै छ|
बाफ भएर उडेपनी
बिछोडको भार सहन नसकी
धर्तीमा झरेकै छ|

पानीको कुनै आकार हुँदैन
उसको पो निश्चित बास हुँदैन|
तिमी त मान्छे!
तिमीलाई पानी हुने अधिकार कसले दियो?




Posted: April 1, 2017 in Poems, Random Writings

The intensity of life she emits from within
overshadows the sun.
Yet she believes she is cold,
she is dead inside
and thrives on feeling alive.

She scuttles around the mirage of a palmful lustrous liquid
and believes it to be her soul.
Assumes it can charge her draining spirit.
Says it can fill the bottle of her happiness
and make her whole again.

But the last time she looked herself in the mirror,
she ceased to notice her soul within-
soft and silky-
it was fueling the breathless bodies around her,
it was healing the broken spirit.
She looked past everything
and silently dropped tears where she was standing.

But, Why?
she is a butterfly.



3rd December 2016

12:59 AM


In a dark, moist room

below the earth I stood on

image of decades and centuries kept on illuminating.


As I went deeper,

I felt the serenity of sound

in the silky smooth splashes

that carved stories on the path it flowed.


In a place with thin air

I breathed,

I lived Like never before.


At last,

I left my heart down there

and returned into the dazzling light,

breathed air that burned my soul,

just to find another place

worth living for..!


-Ashma Gautam




Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave (By: Ashma Gautam)



Posted: February 15, 2016 in Poems
I thought-
the empty space you left behind was finally filled with emptiness
But the rising agony inside me is overtaking the hollowness.
Hollowness is what kept me alive..
I wonder if pain is as beautiful as the shooting star
I wonder if someone notices and wishes for the star to land safely somewhere..
You were my earth
And I’m falling towards you
I know I cannot land into you anymore.
I’m falling inside eternal universe
searching for the new earth,
I am falling, burning and still falling
Hoping to land somewhere
Hoping to hit another planet,
How can I hit any other planet when you and only you can give me my life?
Like a hydrogen balloon freed in the atmosphere
aimless, I fly,
All I do
is fly.
And one day, I fall
and keep on falling in the surface-less eternity.
I just keep on falling
and falling


Posted: February 11, 2016 in Poems, Random Writings

Empty page-

Ink in the bottle,

Quill on the table,

Faint light,

Dark night,

Closed eyes.


I am rocking the chair,

She is rocking my thoughts.



You and I #2

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Poems
    • The spaces between the fingers

      Were never filled perfectly

      And that is what we loved,

      those little spaces.



      love didn’t escape from those gaps,

      It didn’t escape at all.

      The roots, they still remain inside strong as ever

      clenching the heart.

      And pain,

      this pain of love is fascinating for you and me.


      We chose to go

      to the opposite poles of the earth

      believing the attraction between them would always remain


      love repelled and lost its way walking into the same direction.


      Left and right

      north and south

      east and west

      Hello and Goodbye.


      You and I.


      -Ashma Gautam



Posted: January 29, 2016 in Poems

ऊ चौबाटोमा कुरिरहेको रहेछ,
म भने दोबाटोमा कुरिरहेथें,
भुलेछु उसका बाटाहरु
मेरा बाटा भन्दा निक्कै फराकिला
र गन्तीमा बेसी छन्|

–आश्मा गौतम


Posted: January 4, 2016 in Poems, Random Writings

प्रेमको न्यानो आलिङ्गनमा डुब्दै गर्दा

हठाथ् कसैले छुट्याइदिएजस्तो

पर-पर हुत्याइदिएजस्तो,

हृदय चिस्याउने, आत्मा दु:खाउने

एउटा अर्को हिउँद आयो|